Wednesday, 30 March 2011

A New Blog

Yep a new blog! This had to be done because I couldn't do anything with the layout with my other blog, so here it is, a new blog and a new start!

As you can see by the pic at the side, I am starting my NEW 66 day 'Raw Spring Challenge' which starts on 1st April 2011 and the final day of this challenge will be 5th June 2011.

I will be posting about my day, raw food and posting pics of my raw meals etc and I will also post about my daily rota's i.e. housework, exercise and beauty, I may even bring the occasional short video to you.

Just a little note as to why I have called my blog Raw Bluebell, firstly I am not a Bluebell dancer...teehee I just simply LOVE raw foods and beautiful colours and nature and I just LOVE Bluebells, these are my favourite flowers, they look beautiful and the colour of them is just the BEST!!

I will be back tomorrow.


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