Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Menu Plan

There is a hard frost this morning, well there would be wouldn't there, it is still officially Winter and it is the UK. The time now is 7.36am and already we have had car horns blasting and engines being revved up. Over these last couple of years two VERY undersirable families have moved in opposite and they just do not give a damn about anyone....it starts with self respect, clearly something these people do not have!!

I woke up at just before 5.00am to go to the loo. My husband gets up at 5.30am so inevitably I wasn't able to doze back off. When my hubby got up I jumped under the shower, I wanted to get ahead of myself this morning...plenty to do.

After I kissed my hubby bye I finished off getting sorted and then downstairs to the first thing on my menu.....♫DUM DUM DUUUUM♫....OH DEAR! The lemon and ginger shot....oh my! I remember a few days ago when I first tried the lemon and ginger shot.....it was horrendously face scrunching and knee wrenching but I decided I couldn't dismiss it after just drinking it once.

I went into the kitchen and grabbed the lemon, citrus juicer, chopping board, knife, ginger and grater. I cut the lemon in half and juiced that, then I cut, peeled and grated the ginger on the microplane grater and squeezed with all my might to get as much juice from the ginger as I could straight into the glass; I got quite a bit. I gave it a stir and brought the glass to my face....i'll sniff it first I thought, YUCK..OH! actually it smells like lemon...as it should. I took a sip with my face already scrunched up in anticipation that I was not going to be able to stomach it, first thought was...YEUUK - only because I was expecting to taste it the same way I did the first time.....mmmmm actually, it's alright, I took a gulp - not too bad, I took another gulp, or what I felt was a gulp...it was a big lemon :) - a tad cringy, I took that last bit - WOOoo - the last bit was a little more cringy again but not bad at all and it is doing me such a lot of good! I will drink it again tomorrow morning. Come to think of it, I have NEVER liked fresh ginger...heehee
After drinking the lemon and ginger shot I went into the livingroom but then went back into the kitchen for a drink of water, just a little thing I do after drinking any citrus because the citrus can damage teeth, anyway, when I went back into the kitchen all I could smell was fresh cut roses, strange thing is, I don't have any fresh cut roses in my home...ummm so I am putting the lovely smell down to the fresh lemon and ginger...NICE!

My Food Today:
7.30am Lemon & ginger shot




Back later today.


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