Saturday, 8 March 2014

Late Night Early Morning

The last time I looked at the clock last night it was 2.38am and I was still awake, that is rapidly becoming the norm. 
I was up and showered at 10.00am this morning. I came downstairs and decided to eat custard cream biscuits, quite a lot of them, I felt a tad sickly after them....bleurgh. For our evening meal my family insisted that they only wanted chips from the chippy...AGAIN! As you can imagine, I was not happy about that but I let them talk me into it and also to me having yet another bag of chippy chips with batter sprinkled over them.

This afternoon whilst in Asda my middle son, Adam bought me a present of a bag of giant Milky Buttons, these are one of my weaknesses. I didn't eat them straight away which made him feel that I wasn't happy with them, which of course I was very happy at his thoughtfulness, they were a present from my son, so after eating chippy chips I proceeded to eat the bag of Milky Buttons and now I feel like a big fat pig!!
I have insisted that although I appreciate all they do and want to do for me they are helping me more by letting me eat as much raw as possible because that makes me feel better. If that still doesn't work then I am going to flatly refuse to eat processed foods any more!

A healthy grocery shop

I write the day of purchase on some of the packets that don't have it on so I always know how fresh it is.

I also bought hair colours; L'oreal Excellence crème 2 for £8 at Asda at the moment. 
My hair has an easy inch of grey growth, I don't think I have left it this long between colourings before. 
After I have done my housework and taken down my kitchen blind and cleaned that and the window I am then going to colour my hair.

I am feeling constipated again, and heavy, and I have also noticed over these last two days that I can't seem to get my words out properly.

Better eating tomorrow and beyond. Back to routines hence that I am going to clean my kitchen blind and window. I am hoping to start my exercise on Monday, commencing with Slim in 6.

Nighty Night


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