Thursday, 6 March 2014

I'm A Novice

I am still very much a novice at this jewellery making, only recently I have been getting into creating jewellery on a more regular basis.

Here is my latest few jewellery items. I have a lot to learn and especially with rings, as you will see.

When I am good at making jewellery then I will list them on Etsy or Ebay. I will have to check if I need any type of insurance first to be able to sell hand made jewellery.

Today I made a lemon and ginger shot; neat lemon juice and fresh ginger juice....OH MY! Did that make me knee bend up when that was going down....OOOOWEEEEE - how DTM drank a huge jar of neat lemon juice, I will never know.  I am going to try to persevere and try a detox with this. I started to feel refreshed soon after drinking it, but then....OH DEAR! Shortly after that went down I was in that bathroom :\  I have also had to blow my nose a lot today since drinking the lemon and ginger juice....It certainly seems good for detoxing :)

My cat was poorly this last month, for the month but over this last week she is much better and ruling the roost AGAIN :) Below you can see she is totally relaxed. She needs grooming also and I normally groom her when she is lying down, she just loves it.

Below my son, Adam started grooming Princess..Oh! And she is Princess by name and Princess by nature....she is spoilt rotten :)

I am going to be posting daily again and getting more and more on track with EVERYTHING!!



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