Monday, 10 March 2014

An Influx Of Hits

What is it with my post two days ago? I have had a huge influx of hits on that post; 'Late Night Early Morning'.

Today had been rather quiet with me having a morning nap. I didn't hear a thing when I was asleep, not my phone ringing or Adam coming home...nothing! I must have needed a nap, maybe it was down to being more active the day before...I don't know.

I haven't eaten a great deal today, just not one of those hungry days :) I have made progress on my menu plans which I can put into force as of tomorrow, might be a good thing actually for a few reasons: I will eat more and not allow myself to get overly hungry and end up eating processed rubbish :)

Very tired but felt great after a sleep. When I get too tired my visions isn't the best (I do wear glasses) probably the same for everyone actually.
I am feeling more focused and starting to get more into my routines again but slow and steady wins the race and by that I mean that I am not making myself go all out on all my routines, I am slowly adding them in, just bits at a time.

Start following my menu plan. I will probably end up altering things as I go along with what fits into my life.
Must do a big grocery shop this week! Love that!!

My food today:
7.00am Banana
1.30pm 2 Bananas and 1tb of Whole Earth peanut butter (no sweeteners)
4.00pm Half a slice of a crust of bread spread with margarine...not good!
7.30pm Custard cream biscuits....NOT GOOD AT ALL!

See what I mean about not eating enough and allowing the processed rubbish to creep in and especially as the day is coming to an end? SO! I am doing something about it and I have finally started my menu plans....that is the way to do it!!

Housework today:

  • Laundry....a daily thing
  • Clean bathroom inc loo
  • Clean downstairs loo
  • Clean a radiator (yesterday job)
  • Clean 1 kitchen cupboard (will have to do tomorrow)
I am feeling a slight soreness in my body from the housework exercise, I'm not complaining, it is a good thing, it means I have moved my body more that usual...WooHoo!

I am planning on incorporating my beauty routine into my days as of tomorrow :)

Well, I think that is all for today. I will be back tomorrow.


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