Friday, 7 March 2014

A Quiet Friday

I had a lie in this morning until about 10.30am. My husband doesn't work on Fridays so we can have a lie in.

I am going to make some nut butters today, and later I want to make some more jewellery, oh! And of course do some housework, other than that nothing else is happening today.

I will pop back later, even with the slightest update.

It is now 7.35pm and I am here to end my day. I have a headache coming on...boohoo, but first I want to say that I didn't have the lemon and ginger shot this morning because since drinking the shot yesterday morning I have had to visit the bathroom a tad too often yesterday and today...TMI - I want things to settle down before I try another shot, it will also be good to see that when I have another lemon and ginger shot if it again sends me to the bathroom because it is detoxifying or if it is a coincidence and is due to something I ate, or maybe I have picked up a bit of a tummy bug, having said that, I do confess to eating chippy chips and a small bar of chocolate this evening, so I suppose I am well enough to eat the wrong foods for my body.
I did eat two YUMMY persimmons this morning. I always start the day off good but then as the day progresses I tend to go off track. I SERIOUSLY NEED to get on and create my menu plan!!!

I am feeling more tired now since eating the rubbish for my evening meal and like I said above I have a headache coming on and I am feeling achey in my neck which could be down to the headache though.

Anyway, that is me for today and I WILL be back tomorrow and back on track!


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