Monday, 2 December 2013

Bad Sleeps

Over the last two nights I have had such restless sleeps. My hubby has noticed that whenever my monthly is due, whether it turns up or not, my sleeps are always bad, he noticed, not me :) My hubby must know more about me than I do sometimes.
Over the last few weeks I have noticed that I haven't been wanting to have a morning sleep, which I put down to managing to go to the loo and so not being so toxic...sorry, TMI But today I did doze off for two hours which will be because of the restless couple of nights AND I had a headache which turned into a migraine, I have had to take painkillers for it today...Ah well, it will balance itself out again in a few days.

Today I have been stitching the hem back up on one pair of my living room curtains; I HATE stitching!! Done now :) I have also done about four loads of laundry and cleaned another of my kitchen cupboards. I still have such a lot to do.
Whilst I was cleaning the kitchen cupboard I found a box of sachets for Mulled wine...YUM!!

I still haven't put the Christmas tree up yet but tomorrow is the day:) AND I am also going for it to get my kitchen sorted. The kitchen is the biggest job! I want to finish cleaning all the insides of my kitchen cupboards and that also means finishing cleaning the tops of the rest of my wall cupboards, re-organise my cupboards and polish my kitchen cupboard doors, clean inside and outside and the contents and on top of my display cabinet and fridge freezer, pull out and clean under and behind my fridge freezer, washing machine and dishwasher, clean my ovens :) clean the radiator and my kitchen door, back door and large cupboard door, clean the ceiling light fitting - Oh! And clean my kitchen window and sill and then put the blinds back up...PHEW! That little lot will probably take all day with hardly a break but it always feels good when it is done!!

Well, my appetite isn't too good today although I just know that will come back :/

That is all for today, not a lot to report actually.
Back tomorrow.


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